Eastern Delights

Based in Hackney, East London
Eastern Delights Three-bedroom Victorian Terrace (2019) Hackney, East London

On a well-trodden path of East London, lived a man in a house that needed as much life and vitality injected into it, as he had in himself.

A rather long legged and well-travelled fellow, with a keen eye for Japanese & Brazilian culture, it was clear that this home needed to be unique and so we set upon our journey to transform it.

The new architecture set a strong foundation, as we started to add new life into the space. Using our well-travelled fellow’s own photography, love of cooking and entertaining, along with his passion for music, we created spaces that truly spoke to how our client lives, where he has come from and where he is going.

Full of surprise, comfort and joy, this is a home that will evolve and adapt as he continues to travel on in life and see where it takes him.


Yard Architects


Edmund Dabney & Richard Chivers


Shortlisted for:
NLA Don't Move Improve 2021