Modern Times

Based in Dulwich, South London
Modern Times Two Bedroom Mid-century House (2022) Dulwich, South London

In the depths of the lush green Dulwich Estate, a young couple and their beloved dog Rune sat in their 1960s home. Extremely happy with their new surroundings, they sought to make their new space feel a bit more like home, updating the mid-century layout to suit these more modern times. Bearing in mind their keen eye for the very best of contemporary and vintage design, the tone was set to start the transformation.

In collaboration with CAKE Architecture, we set about zoning the single living space through the application of a carefully crafted and balanced palette. A contrast in material, colour & texture which sets a considered but energising backdrop to our young couple’s life.

This new space would set the scene for lively dinner parties, quiet nights in on the sofa with Rune and the general hustle and bustle of busy daily life.

The concept was carried on throughout the house with new bathrooms and entrance hall all suitably jazzed up. Now, a truly livable, comfortable and happy home, which Rune herself will testify to, since she already told us so.