Suffolk Sunset

Based in Suffolk, UK
Suffolk Sunset 5 Bedroom New Build Family Home (2023) Suffolk, UK

Amongst the fields surrounding the River Stour, once stood a humble bungalow. And that’s where this story starts...

A young ambitious couple, had their sights set on creating a space they would call home for the next 30 years and beyond. Having found the perfect plot, the humble bungalow became home for the next 4 years, whilst just a few meters away the new foundations for their life were literally set in the form of a 5 bedroom passive house.

Working alongside the architect, we started from the ground up to create a home that reflected the honest, hardworking, fun and innovative family that was to inhabit the space for years to come.

A warm palette of colour & texture sets the backdrop for this home, inspired by the varying seasons and changes in the surrounding landscape, punctuated with bold hits of joyful colour, like the sun, water and greenery that the house sits within year round. Layered with furniture and art, both new and collected over time, the house is set to be ever evolving as life rolls on.

The result is understated luxury and a truly bespoke home. It’s ready for anything they will throw at it, a home to suit all moods.

This small selection of photographs gives a taster, ahead of a larger shoot at the house later this year.