The Deep South

Based in Herne Hill, South London
The Deep South Four-Bedroom Victorian Terrace (2020) Herne Hill, South London

Never could the old adage of ‘two heads are better than one’ be more true, than in the making of this wonderful family home.

In the Deep South of London stood the bricks and mortar of an Anglo-American family home. A southern belle and her growing family knew exactly what they wanted from their home, so in a true collaboration we set about collating inspiration from both sides of the pond, across centuries of design to create a home that spoke of how they live and who they are, with all the necessary trimmings.

Set within classic Victorian architecture, soon emerged the perfect backdrop for this adventurous, nurturing and artistic family. From bath time with the kids to time-out in the master suite, every detail was considered to ensure this home could work as well for now as when teenagers start slamming bedroom doors.

This story continues as we make progress with the Ground Floor.